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This Week's Review--Pearl Jam's Yield

Eddie and the boys are back with a venegance. Yield is purely a rocker from the get go. From the opening track, Brain of J, this album gets you going. Other tracks like No Way and Do the Evolution keep you putting this album on repeat. But, there is a downside to it. Eddie's lyrics keep getting more and more senseless. That is the only thing that keeps this album from being one of their own best and another shot at redemption.

Out of Five: 4.25 of 5

Letters to Cleo's Go!

This third album from Boston's Letters to Cleo is a little harder edged than the last two. Kay Hanley's vocals and lyrics have a more darker look on relationships. But, I think we can all relate to her most of the time. Musically, the sound is about the same as the last two albums, but there are some strings, horns, and synthesizers on this album. However, tracks like the first single, anchor, will keep you striving for more of this severely underrated band.

Out of 5: 3.75

Radiohead's Ok Computer

I know, another British rock review...Radiohead is back with a vengance of a different sort. Ok Computer is a sonic departure from the Bends. Thom Yorke's vocals are emotionally strong and the guitars are very textured. Songs like Paranoid Android, Karma Police, and Exit Music (for a film) from Romeo and Juliet are all very strong songs on this amazing album. The only thing about it is only the major Radiohead fans will appreciate this album. But, pick it up for yourself and find out.

Out of 5: 5

Oasis' Be Here Now

The British boys are back with a vengance. This new album takes their two previous albums and combines them into one. Songs like Be Here Now, My Big Mouth, and D'You Know What I Mean are uptempo, attitude filled rockers. Others like Magic Pie and Stand by Me are like Wonderwall and Don't Look Back in Anger. But, overall this album is amazing. GO NOW AND GET IT!!!!!!

Out of 5: 5

Son Volt's Straightaways

The second Son Volt album slows things down a little bit. After the album's opening rocker, Caraytid Easy, the band shows a lttle bit of a softer side. Songs like Back In To Your World, Cemetery Savior, and Left A Slide, show a more emotional side to the roots rockers. But, as for the music itself, their combinations of pedal steel, electric, and acoustic guitars are excellent. I recommend this one as well as their first album, Trace.

Out of 5: 4.6

Prodigy's The Fat of the Land

The most anitcipated techno album of the year has arrived and is not a dissapointment. Tons of bass and catchy samples flood this album. Besides the singles, Firestarter and Breathe, other good tracks are Diesel Power and Funky S---. Pick this one up if you like Chemical Brothers type beats with vocals.

Out of 5: 3.5

The Foo Fighters' The Colour and the Shape

In the sophomore album of Dave Grohl's band, they put forth a more group effort than its predecesor. This album is more rage filled. Many of the songs have to do with broken relationships. But, they put together good songs filled with many catchy hooks,like in the track My Hero. But, this album is just lacking something that the first album had. It is still worth picking up.

Out of 5: 3

The Chemical Brother's Dig Your Own Hole

Ladies and gentleman-Welcome to the Future of Music, and your hosts, The Chemical Brothers. This duo's second album is killer. From outstanding bass to interesting samples, they'll keep you going for the whole album. There isn't a dull spot on it, but if you like lyrics then too bad. Noel Gallagher of Oasis does come in and do vocals for the track, Setting Sun. But, all I have to say is pick this one up

Out of 5: 5.5

Moby's Animal Rights

This album is a departure from the typical Moby. This album is Moby exploring the alternative side of his music. Heavy guitars and violent vocals cover half the album, while the other half features more emotional instrumentals at a slower pace. But, change can be good, but I like the old Moby better. However, any hardcore fan should have this side of the music.

Out of 5: 3

Matchbox 20's Yourself or Someone Like You

This album is almost a combination of Wilco, Cracker, and Live. Many of the tracks deal with broken relationships and confused feelings about the opposite sex. The more uptempo tracks like Long Day and A Girl Like That will keep you going. Slower material like Push and 3 a.m. are also great tracks. This is definately an album worth buying.

Out of 5:4.5

Collective Soul's Disciplined Breakdown

Collective Soul tends to show that they are one of the few bands today that refuse to change their sound. this group's third album sounds remarkably similar to the first two. Tracks like Precious Declaration and Disciplined Breakdown will keep you in an uptempo mood. Tracks like Forgiveness and Maybe will keep listeners very mellow. Along with great guitars, the band keeps their positive outlook on things with positive lyrics.

Out of 5:4

U2's POP

U2 has reached a sonic departure with their new album. This album goes from the uptempo, Discotheque, to the slow rolling, If You Wear That Velvet Dress. But even with a more techno/disco sound, they are still U2. Flood does another great job of producing this album. Expect a shock, but it will be one that will make you feel good.

Out of 5: 3.5

Live's Secret Samahdi

The boys from Live have really reached their inner thoughts with their new album. This album combines the lyrics and emotional vocals of Mental Jewelry with the guitar work of Throwing Copper. Uptempo rockers like Lakini's Juice and Heropsychodreamer get the listener in a festive mood. But tracks like Turn My Head and Century have a lot of feeling in their slow pace.

Overall 5 out of 5 stars.